Senior Adults

The goals for Senior Adult Ministry at First Baptist Church are: to create an awareness of the presence and potential of Senior Adults, better understand the aging process, assure abundant life for our Senior Adults, improve the quality of life of our Senior Adults, and to provide opportunities to allow our Senior Adults to participate in life as long as they live.

We believe that there is a purpose in all of life. It is our belief that the Bible does not teach that a person should retire from life. Although many Senior Adults do retire from public work, we believe that God has a lot invested in our Spiritual Maturity and expects us to continue to serve Him with the Spiritual Gifts and Talents He has given us.

The goal of our Senior Adult Ministry is to insure that every Senior Adult has a place of ministry and service as long as they live. We believe that regardless of our limitations: physically, financially, or emotionally, our Senior Adults can and should participate in activities that are designed for service for the Lord.

We provide activities designed for:

  • Spiritual Enrichment
  • Social Interaction
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Provide Fellowship
  • Special Services
  • Meaningful Service Opportunities
  • Provide Resources Designed For Senior Adult Needs

Fellowship Club

Our Senior Adult Group is called the Fellowship Club. We get together for special events, such as speaker programs, covered dish lunches, and trips. These activities are designed to allow our senior adults to participate and to invite friends and relatives to join them in fun events that they can enjoy. The primary purpose for these activities is to allow our senior adults the opportunity to get to know each other better and to build lasting, caring relationships with other people with the same interest that they have. Once they get to know and care about each other, they provide support for each other and minister to each other as the need arises.

On most occasions we have a devotion and prayer time when we can share needs and concerns with each other. The Lord has blessed my wife and me with several younger adults who assist us in this ministry and the senior adults love to get to know them and build friendships with them. We are always able to have enough people to assist us that our senior adults feel safe and are provided what ever physical assistance is needed to participate in any of our activities.

The Lord has provided a 46 passenger bus for our trips. We take day trips as well as in the spring and fall we take 4-5 day overnight trips. We are able to include people with wheel chairs, walkers or canes on almost every trip.

Joy Choir

Our senior adult choir is called the Joy Choir (Just Older Youth). Our Minister of Music leads us every Tuesday at 10:00 AM to practice sing music that is especially arranged for senior adults. We meet from September through May.

We sing during Worship Services for our Senior Adult Sunday at Christmas and also the first Sunday in May we observe Senior Adult Day in our church and our entire service is devoted to honoring our senior adults. We also go to nursing homes and sing for them prior to Christmas and at other times when the opportunity arises.

Bible Study

Every Tuesday after Joy Choir practice we have a Bible study at 11:00 AM where we share together our prayer concerns and spend time in prayer and then study God’s Word together. Our study is usually a Biblical systematic study of a particular topic.

Exercise Class

Exercise class is held in the Christian Life Center each Tuesday morning at 8:45 AM from September through May.

Mission Actions

Our senior adults do many things to reach out to each other and to others in our community. They visit in homes, hospitals, nursing homes. They write cards and notes to shut-ins and people who are not able to attend church regularly. They are a vital part of our prayer chain that shares prayer needs in times of crisis. When someone is hurting, our senior adults are lifting them up to the Lord in prayer. We even have some senior adults who telephone other senior adults and read the Bible to them over the phone. One of our members used to telephone a couple of men in our church who were in a nursing home to read the Bible to them every day and to read the Sunday School lesson to them on Saturday night.

Grief Share Class

A Grief Share program led by Ron Slaughter will be offered starting Thursday, September 21st. Grief Share is a Christian based ministry for people who have experienced the loss of a spouse, family members, or friends. The class will last 13 weeks, meeting once a week on Thursdays at 10 AM in Room 405. Sign-up sheets will be located at the Welcome Centers. Please contact Ron if you have any questions or comments, 336-613-0080 or 336-662-8682.

Senior Adult Activities

All Senior Adult activities will resume on Tuesday, September 19th. Exercise will meet at 8:45 AM in the CLC; JOY Choir will meet at 10 AM in the Sanctuary; Bible Study will meet at 11 AM in Room 405/406. For more information, please contact Rev. Roger Barricks.